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Hello! I’m John Anwar. I have been assisting retirees and pre-retirees like you in Charlotte and the surrounding areas for over 25 years. I take my job very seriously and consider it extremely rewarding. Bringing a sense of freedom and security to the lives of my clients truly adds joy to my life.

Through my workshops I have taught thousands of people how to protect and preserve their assets, increase their retirement income, and reduce their taxes. My professional designations have included National Quality Award, Million Dollar Round Table, and National Sales Achievement Award.

Outside of my career, I have a beautiful wife, Julie, my sweetheart whom I married in 1989. Julie and I have been blessed with two beautiful girls. I’m a longtime resident of Charlotte, North Carolina. I enjoy reading, do-it-yourself home improvement projects and traveling with my family.

I strongly believe that any success I’ve enjoyed is due to an interest in education and continuing to learn more about my field. If I can do any one thing, it is to pass on enthusiasm for knowledge, especially financial education to my clients. A good financial education helps with financial success, and financial success can help you in many additional ways.

In today's uncertain economic environment, safety is more important than ever—to preserve and protect your assets, especially when the quality of your retirement lifestyle is at stake. I look forward to meeting with you, answer your questions and provide you additional information that may be beneficial for you.